Sunday, 12 June 2011

Important Dates: 4th to 12th June

4th June

The first name  recorded under this date is 'King George'. I assumed that this must relate to George V or George VI. I can find no link between George VI and this date. George V was born on 3rd June 1865 so I suppose the birth date could have been recorded a day late in the GTB. Looking back further George III was born on 4th June 1738. Seeing as this book seems to have started around 1880 (the date in the front leaf of the GTB), I think it's unlikely that the King George recorded is George III. 

This is George V (pictured). He ruled as British king from 1910, through the first world war, until his death in 1936. He was a grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and first cousin to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. 

The second name under this date is Annie Clark. The Clarks in our family extend up from our Lodge branch. They are all based in Huntingdonshire and I've only traced them down to the mid 1700s. Maybe I can trace them further at some point and see if they were living in the Yorkshire area in the nineteenth century.

The final name for this date is Reginald Beatty or Beattry. We have no-one in our family tree with this surname. When I search for this name and Yorkshire on, I find an entry for a Reginald Beatty who died in the first world war in 1918. 

5th June

Under this date is the name, Winnifred Hale. We have no Hales in our family tree. When I search on Ancestry, I find a Winnifred Mary Hale who was born in 1893 in Bradford, West Yorkshire. I can also trace a Winnifred Hale in the 1841 census, born in 1781 and resident in the Yorkshire area. This could have been a friend of the family.

6th June

The name recorded for the date is Lord Halifax with the words '92 1931'. This is Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Halifax. I don't know why he would matter to my ascendants, other than that he lived in Hickleton Hall in Doncaster. His birth date is actually 7th June.

12th June

The name recorded under this date is Mr Lowden or Sowden accompanied by the words "58 June 12/12". We have no Sowdens or Lowdens in our family tree and I know of no family friends of either of those names either.