Monday, 16 August 2010

Alfred William Lodge

This is my maternal grandfather. He was born in 1885 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He had two sisters, Edith and Ethel. The impression my mother gave me of him is a dapper, well spoken, confident man. He was a singer in his spare time and encouraged my mother's interest in amateur dramatics. I think he was also quite a demanding person too.

He fought in the first world war. I have a photograph album taken of his army years and documentation of when he left the army.

The 1901 census records him as resident in Lepton, Huddersfield and working as a book binder. The 1910 census records his occupation as 'printer jobbing'.

He married Maud Annie Lockwood in 1915 in Burley. Maud was his first cousin. I assume that would have been frowned on at the time.

He remained in Kirkstall until 1963. His wife died in 1962 and he moved with my mum to Scotland. Unfortunately he died in December of that year. My mum always said he was lost without Maud.

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