Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Charles Lockwood, Elizabeth Sykes and Mary Hirst

Charles was born in 1785 in Kirkburton, Yorkshire. I have been unable to trace his mother or whether he had any siblings.

He married Elizabeth Sykes in 1804 in Kirkburton. Together they had five children. He later married Mary Hirst in 1824 in Kirkburton and they had four children.

I found an entry for him on the bankrupt directory in 1840. He was recorded as a worsted spinner.

The 1841, 1851 and 1861 census record his residence as Kirkburton. They state his occupations as weaver, fancy weaver and weaver worsted cotton.

In the 1851 census, the name Tom Hurst, 7 years old, appears as grandson and Tim Lockwood, 10 weeks old, also grandson. I have no idea whose children these are.

Charles died in 1866 in Yorkshire.

Elizabeth Sykes was born in 1785. She died in 1820, aged 35 years old. I have no further information about her.

Mary Hirst, Charles' second wife, was born in 1790 in Shelley, Yorkshire. She outlived Charles by two years, dying in 1868 in Hartshead, Yorkshire.


  1. Check out Hannah HOLLINGWOOD as she was married to Joseph Lockwood. One of Charles Lockwood & Elizabeth Sykes children was John. He married Harriet Sheard. One of their children was Daniel who married Ann Wood. Their child Harriet Louisa Lockwood married Charles Abel Wade. They had 8 children one of which is my mother.

  2. Wow, that's amazing. Glad to see I've got my facts right too. Thank you so much for that confirmation.

  3. Sorry, I made a spelling error. I was thinking of Lockwood and Typed in Hollingwood - The wife of Joseph Lockwood was Hannah HOLLINGWORTH, they were married on 22 Nov 1775. Please accept my apology.