Monday, 18 April 2011

Important Dates: 16 - 18 April

What with the preparations for the children's Easter break from school, a family birthday and other projects, I missed an entry in the GTB.

16 April

The name that appears in the GTB on this date is Gladis Hargraves, married 18. I'm unsure whether this entry is her birthday or the date she got married.

In my family tree, the only Hargraves I have is an Elizabeth Hargraves (born in 1749 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, England) who married a William Bould. The Boulds fed into the Lockwood branch of my family. Gladis could therefore be a distant relative.

18 April

The entry is 'Mrs Milton 1920 54'. I assume this is a record of Mrs Milton's death. We have no Milton's in our family tree (that I can trace) so this may be a family friend).

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